Is PPC Too Hard For The DIYers?

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried a few PPC (pay per click) ads to get your products out there. These come in many forms; Facebook ads, Bing ads, Google adsense – all are PPC.

Unless you’ve studied PPC extensively, some ads will be successful and some (most) won’t get you the results you hoped for.

I just came across a great article at SearchEngineLand that explores 3 common mistakes do-it-yourselfers make with PPC, any why hiring a professional to do it for you gives you a greater chance of success.

Is PPC Too Hard For The DIYers? 1

According to SearchEngineLand;

People have the best of intentions when they take on PPC without the help of a professional. And why wouldn’t they have high hopes when Google makes it look so easy in its myriad of fanciful videos?

Being a diehard DIYer myself, I believe you can, if you have the time and interest, learn PPC yourself well enough for it to be a cost effective method of reaching your market.

It brings up some good points and is a good read, nonetheless.

Check out the full article at: SearchEngineLand



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