4 Easy Steps To More Followers and Traffic

steps to more followers

Who isn’t always looking to find steps to more followers and greater traffic to their blogs and social media sites?  It can be a lot of work, OR,  it can be made easy – well, at least easier.  Sometimes you just need to get outside of your own circle.

I was just checking out a video tutorial on this very topic – steps to more followers and traffic by Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income – one of my favorite online marketers and a really nice guy.  Yes, I’m a huge fan of his and have been following him for years.  He has personally responded to emails and questions from me; although I’m not sure if he still does, as this was quite a few years ago.

Okay, reminiscing aside, back to the 4 easy steps to more follows that I found on Pat’s video.

I’ll give you a hint to his 4 step acronym.  It’s nuts.  That’s right, the acronym is N.U.T.S.  and it stands for a really interesting concept.  I’m not telling you any more, just watch the video – simple and brilliant.

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re going to try it, let me know in the comments below how it worked for you.

For more tips to market your business on Facebook, click HERE.

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