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blog contentI just read a great blog post by my friend, Nicole Dean, where she shares lots of blog content ideas for June.  Well, they really don’t have to be for June only, but if you’re a little stuck on what to blog about next, she’s got you covered.

Here’s the short version of her list:

  • halfway point of the year
  • end of school year
  • graduation
  • summer
  • fitness
  • people move more during summer
  • national holidays
  • veggie burger day
  • national gardening day
  • national smile power day
  • father’s day
  • national hydration day

Then she’s got lists of:

  • where to publish the posts
  • how and where to publish slide deck presentations
  • how and where to publish reports and ebooks
  • how and where to publish affirmations and reflections
  • where to get images

Whew!  You really should check out her post here at NicoleontheNet if you’re at all stuck, or wondering what to post during June.  I’m sure it’ll give you enough inspiration to carry you through the entire summer.

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