6 Trends That Could Make Your Business Soar

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Wondering what some new trends are that you need to jump on NOW?

Well, I found some for you, in a killer post written by Ronnie Nijmeh at plr.me.

#1 – The fine line between branding and show me the money. Do it right and your clients will love you. Do it wrong, and poof, they’re gone.


branding vs direct response chart

#2 – Video. No need to be perfect, just get out there and connect with your clients. Show them what you can help them with. Video is a hot trend that’s not going to go away – get on it.

mobile video graph

#3 – Create content for your clients. Answer their most pressing problems and questions. Don’t always be pitching something, just offer value. They’ll love you for it.

#4 – Track what your customers want and target that market precisely. Ronnie explains this great concept in detail.

flow chart image

#5 – Create outstanding customer service. Interact personally with your customers through mail, a personal email or message.

I was astounded when I received a personal phone call from someone at Aweber to ask how I enjoyed their product and if I was having any problems. Loved it.

Pat Flynn is a prime example of outstanding customer service. I’ve received personal emails from him in response to a problem I was having. Are you kidding me?  This man earns over $100,000/month and he’s emailing me?  Outstanding.

#6 – Wrap up your knowledge in nice packages and sell it/offer it to your clients. Your time will go much further when it’s available with a few clicks of a mouse.


Ronnie’s short version:

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the perfect balance between branding and direct response

  • Courageously get on camera

  • Create killer content on a regular basis

  • Master the art of retargeting

  • Craft epic customer experiences

  • Productize your knowledge

I’ve only touched on some of Ronnie’s killer trends. It’s definitely worth reading the entire article.

Check out the entire in-depth post at plr.me





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