Easy Branding Tips For More Customers – Fast

Easy Branding Tips For More Customers – Fast


easy branding tips

I found some great easy branding tips over on QuickSprout the other day that I wanted to share with you.

Hey, who isn’t looking for a better brand image and more customers?  Some of these are fairly fast and simple, like getting your photo done by a pro.  Others, like staying consistent on social media, require more effort.

I love reading posts by Neil Patel and in this one he says:

With a few simple tweaks and hacks, you can ramp up the power behind your brand and build a bigger fanbase than you ever thought possible in a few short weeks.

These 11 hacks will get you off to a great start on building your personal brand and gaining customers.

1. Use professional profile photos
2. Present content authentically
3. Create and share killer content on a regular basis
4. Stay consistent on social media
5. Tell a compelling story
6. Be intentional in positioning yourself
7. Host hangouts and reply to comments
8. Create a recognizable logo
9. Create a brand tag line
10. Start a podcast
11. Start speaking at events

I know there are some here, okay – quite a few, that I can certainly improve upon.

Kelly McCausey, over at Solosmarts has #10 smashed. She’s the queen of podcasts. She has a course called Podcasting Smarts that is worth checking out if you’re ready to rock the podcast world.

Check out Neil Patel’s full and in-depth article over at QuickSprout

If you’re ready to get your visible branding nailed, check out:

  Create Your Biz Brand Board

You’ll finally get all your fonts, color palette, logo, favicon and background images consistent across all your social platforms.


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