Want A More Responsive List? Try These 29 Steps

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We all want a responsive list. It would be great if every time you sent out an email to your peeps that they all did/bought what you suggested, right?

I found a great post Lynette Chandler wrote for SmallBusinessBranding.com that helps to turn your list into supportive customers.

Lynette suggests that:

Here are 29 simple steps you can start doing immediately to cultivate a more responsive list by creating a deeper relationship with your subscribers.

Some of her key points include:

  • Work (hard) on your subject lines. Test, and tweak them regularly.
  • Keep things short and to the point. This applies to both subject line and the email copy itself.
  • Given the above two points, it’s a good idea to learn more about good copywriting.
  • As much as possible, reach out, invite, include. Make people feel special. Listen to their concerns.

Go check out Lynette’s detailed list at Small Business Branding


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