Content Marketing Strategies- Know How To Reach Your Clients

Content Marketing Strategies- Know How To Reach Your Clients

content marketing strategiesHow many different content marketing strategies do you use?  Do you have a plan to produce content in the best way for your audience?

How do your clients/customers/tribe want to hear from you.  Maybe they want webinars, or newsletters, or video, or audio podcasts.

They might be on social media all the time, or they might prefer to attend a VIP day, or an in -person workshop.  Wherever your tribe is, and however they want to hear from you, you need to have it all covered.

In a recent article at SmallBizTrends, author Larry Kim asks these questions :

Which pieces of content resonate best with users? Which are best for each stage of your funnel? Which content types generate not only the most, but the best quality leads for your business?

These are some important questions – and you need to know the answers.

He provided an interesting infographic that analyzes some popular content types.  Check it out here, and be sure to read the whole article at SmallBizTrends

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