Most Downloaded Content – Know What They Are?

increase downloaded contentWhat is the most downloaded content you can create?  Not everything you produce will give you the results you want.  Some resources get way more downloads than others.  If you want to ramp up your readership, keep readers on your site longer (hint, helps SEO), or produce content that increase your email list, give them what they want.

Well, I just read an interesting article over at Forbes that outlines 7 of the most downloaded content.

Author of this article, John Rampton says:

We use content to encourage engagements because content is useful and desirable, but not all forms of content are the same.

So, if you’re wanting to attract opt-ins, or increase your reader base, here’s the quick list.

  • Long form content.
  • How-to videos.
  • Whitepapers (based on original research).
  • Step-by-step guides. 
  • Opinion pieces. 
  • Workbooks.
  • Anthologized collections. 

John Rampton outlines further steps to take to increase reader engagement even more.  These include:

  • Lead with a strong headline. 
  • Tease the main content.
  • Use multiple channels of promotion. 

So, you have to provide content anyway, might as well work on what is going to be of most value to your readers and, ultimately, you.

I’ve just outlined the highlights here, but, of course,  John goes into much more detail setting out how you can increase your reader engagement.

Read the entire article at:  Forbes  

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