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Looking for new post ideas? Well, here’s a detailed list of 27 ways to get you started.

According to Rae Hoffman;

There are two basic types of content: the content you want to write, and the content people want to find.

I’ve been a fan of Answer The Public for awhile now. Here’s a sample of what plugging in the right keyword gets you….LOTS, and lots of post ideas.

answer the public image

While some ideas on this list might be familiar to you, think upcycling, repurposing posts; others might not be so familiar.

I’ve just recently started poking around Quora and Slideshare, but haven’t spent the time yet to get comfortable with them.

Some suggestions, such as Authorstream, I haven’t checked out at all.

Great ideas.

Check out the whole in-depth post on Sugarrae



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