4 Top Tips for Email Marketing!

I found a really interesting article on tips for email marketing this week. Check out the image below provided by SUMO to see how the email providers stack up.  Wow!  I’ve used MailChimp for a few clients before, but haven’t used it myself.

4 top tips for email marketing

Here’s the short version of the 4 Top Tips For Email Marketing:

  1. Send welcome emails.  Really important.  If you don’t do it, start now.  Really.
  2. Double opt-ins are necessary to keep your subscriber list clean.  If someone can’t confirm their subscription, they’re not that interested, and you don’t really want them on your list.
  3. Speed is important.  Make sure your welcome email goes out super fast – while your customer is still focused and interested.
  4. Make it stupid simple to opt-in on your site.  Don’t hide your opt-in at the bottom of your page; make sure you have clear instructions on what to do to opt-in.

There you have it – the short version, at least.  Sumo goes into great length on each point.  This post is definitely worth a read.  Click here to check it out at Sumo.
Oh, I’d love to hear your comments after you read this.  What email provider are you using – and why?


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