Daily Online Marketing – Easy In 1 Hour A Day

Daily Online Marketing – Easy In 1 Hour A Day

daily online marketing confusionDaily online marketing.  UGH!  Yeah, I know.  But, if you want success, it has to be done – done almost daily, and done right.

I read an interesting article over at Small Business Trends that talks about just that.  Accomplishing digital marketing in 1 hour a day.  Worth a read, for sure.

Author Ronald Dod says:

As a small business owner, you can spend time on digital marketing and be effective if you:

Know what you are doing.

Are good with time management.

Harsh words for a lot of us.  I struggle with time management issues on a DAILY basis and I’m always learning, learning, learning.  Hopefully, as I share some of what I learn and find useful will be a shorter learning curve for your daily list.

Here’s the short version of what Dod lays out in some detail to make your daily online marketing tasks a little more efficient:

Search Engine Optimization (15 Minutes)

Conversion Rate Optimization (10 Minutes)

Social Media (10 Minutes)

PPC (15 Minutes)

Reviews (10 Minutes)

Email Marketing (30 Minutes [Bi-weekly])

So, just in there and get ‘er done.  Easier said….

To read the full version of this posts, head over to Small Business Trends.


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