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Friends and family don’t get it? Tired of trying to explain what you do at the computer all day? Well, sometimes I am super tired of it and just mumble about posting stuff. Doesn’t matter. They won’t understand anyway, right?

Well, read on. I found an excellent article this morning from Rebecca at The Uncaged Life (love her stuff) on how to explain it to them – if you even want to bother.

Here’s the piece that got me – first sentence, actually.

Stop going to the hardware store for milk.You’re not gonna find what you need there.That isn’t to say that your friends/family CAN’T support you (some of them may be super loving and supportive!), but they probably aren’t the best people to turn to all the time when it comes to your business.


Thanks Becca. Good one. Going up on my wall.

Read the whole article at The Uncaged Life



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