Google Calendar – 9 Ways To Make It The Ultimate Productivity Tool

I couldn’t imagine going through a day without using Google Calendar. It’s synced on all my devices. I have several calendars set up – personal, business, clients, etc.

But, there’s SO much more you can do with a Google Calendar than I ever knew.

Thanks Justin Pot at Zapier, for letting me in on all the extra features and capabilities. Wow!

For starters, I had NO IDEA I Google Calendar had a to do list. It’s under tasks, and it’s not really up front and easy to see. It’s in the top right – a little toggle switch.

Google Calendar - 9 Ways To Make It The Ultimate Productivity Tool 1

You can import other to to lists into Google Calendar using Zapier, if you’re using one that doesn’t import easily.

But, that’s just one of the hacks you can do. You can also:

  • see other people’s calendars
  • share calendars
  • add a world clock
  • add the weather
  • insert holidays from any country
  • add sports schedules
  • add favorite TV shows
  • find and add local calendars from your area

So, if you want to make Google Calendar really go to work for you and boost your productivity – not to mention your TV time – go check out all the details at How To Turn Your Google Calendar Into The Ultimate Productivity Hub

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