Visme – The Easiest Graphic Design Tool

What is Visme?

Visme is an all-in-one content creation tool empowering individuals and organizations to quickly create and share beautiful content they can be proud of in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, documents, videos, and graphics — with little to no design skills.

Made for non-designers but still powerful enough for graphic designers, Visme combines simplicity, flexibility and interactive features within a single platform, giving users everything they need within an easy-to-use online interface.

Think Canva… but more powerful and feature-rich.

Think Powerpoint… but more intuitive and scalable.

Think Prezi and Infogram… but more flexible and versatile

Visme has arrived! Before you assume you can’t create beautiful, engaging graphic content because you aren’t a graphic designer, check it out. This platform is a game-changer for those who want to create stunning graphics, printables, infographics and presentations.

Visme introduced this new platform in February 2020. It allows users with little to no graphic design experience to create and share noteworthy content.

Here’s some of the ways Visme can up your graphicsgame without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use features and tools with no learning curve.
  • Interactive and animated infographics, presentations, reports, short animations, and product demos.
  • Ability to publish, share online, or download for offline use.
  • Drag-and-drop functions make creating content a breeze.
  • Team collaboration is made easy with annotated comments and notifications.
  • Built in stock photos and fonts to create beautiful content.
  • Brand-specific content in a snap with their built-in brand kit.
  • Videos and animated GIFs feature.

Social Media Graphics

Visme - The Easiest Graphic Design Tool 1

Creating social media graphics is a piece of cake withVisme. As a business owner or blogger, your job is to create content thatalmost forces the consumer to want to click on the ‘see more’ button. Nothingis a bigger turnoff than poorly designed social media graphics. Visme takes theguess work out of creating engaging, modern graphics. With endless options ofsocial media templates, stock photos, and fonts to choose from, your imageswill be professional and eye-catching. The built-in brand kit makes it easy tokeep your images brand-specific.

Click here to learn more about Visme’s social media design made easy.


Visme - The Easiest Graphic Design Tool 2

Visme makes designing and publishing printables so easy. Printables are a great way to advertise your business and can even be a great side-hustle, but many people think they need to be a design whiz to make quality printables. The power of Visme’s simple platform will show you that this is simply not true. Any printable you create can easily be shared online or downloaded as a PDF form for printing.

Click here to discover more on Visme’s Printables.


Visme - The Easiest Graphic Design Tool 3

Infographics are a great way to share statistics, charts, graphs, and timelines. Visme offers custom-built templates to make sharing your information easy. Content blocks can be arranged with a click and only takes minutes versus hours. Visme is more flexible and versatile than other programs, such as Prezi and Infogram.

Click here for more information on Visme’s infographics.


Visme - The Easiest Graphic Design Tool 4

Resorting to boring PowerPoint presentations is a thing of the past. Visme users can create engaging and edgy presentations with over 100 custom templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Audience engagement is crucial when building presentations, and Visme makes this easier with their streamlined tools to add online videos and audio recordings.

While Powerpoint allows for this,the files must be downloaded directly to your computer, then uploaded to the slide. Uploading the file causes an increased file size, which could result in loading issues when it comes time to present your material.

Check out  Visme Presentations for more info.

Templates and Themes

Visme has hundreds of new design templates available now with endless options for any creator.

Most people want to access more slides than the average presentation template provides. After all, why have one agenda slide design when you can have 20?

This was the basis of launching a vast library of custom slides (over 900!) within twenty presentation slide categories. Modern style has been the featured category of choice, but now Visme has introduced two new designs to users –  Simple and Creative.

Animated Graphics – NEW!

Visme’s recently launched over 500+ customizable animated illustrations, characters and gestures that can be dragged and dropped into any project.

These animated graphics are one-of-a-kind, built in-house by Visme’s graphic experts exclusive to Visme. (You will not find them in any other content tool).

They are fully customizable with over a dozen poses, changeable skin color to support diversity, and with users having the flexibility to apply their brand colors.

Characters include casual, professional, mascot and bots (left) with over 15 poses that can be adjusted by speed and repetition (right).  Illustrations are available across 10 categories with three styles: flat, outline and isometric.

Full Animation Engine

Visme utilizes a powerful yet easy-to-use animation engine. Virtually any object can be animated with a couple clicks. Simply click on an object, and you can apply an animation preset from the “Animate this Object’ button.

Coming Soon: (Q2 2020) – You will also be able to go Objects list and view the position of objects with respect to each other on an animation timeline and adjust to your liking.

In the new, upgraded version of Visme, everything runs off one timeline, including infographic widgets and audio, allowing for seamless control. This way, every animated object will appear on the same timeline.

Audio Engine

One of the most requested features is the ability to upload your own audio MP3 files. Visme now provides a fantastic library of audio tracks that can be attached to one slide (for presentations) or used as background music for an entire project.

You can even record your own audio, attach it and manage the timing and fade controls from one panel.

audio image

Blocks of Content

content blocksAlthough you can insert individual objects into Visme, you can tap into a library of suggested content (on the left panel under “Basics” tab in editor). This allows you to quickly locate and drag-and-drop groups of complementary content to create your design.

Users can even create their own blocks (more here), which can be used in future projects across any format under “My Content” within the “Basics” tab in the editor.


Visme also offers powerful data visualization capabilities through a series of Infograph and Chart Widget tools.

Data widgets allow one to quickly turn simple data and numbers into dynamic, easier to understand visuals. From a speedometer to counters, ribbons and radial dials, each widget allows users to fully customize the data to display specific values.


The Chart widget offers seven variations of data representation in the form of pie charts, bar and linear graphs. It simplifies the data visualization process to the point of enabling users to generate charts within seconds. Users can also import spreadsheet data and generate a chart on the fly from the imported data.

New chart types and the ability to compare sets of data.  Visme has introduced doughnut-shaped charts and scatter plots. With non-circular charts, you can use series of data in order to compare values against each other.

Want to add beautiful interactivity to your charts? By default, all charts are animated so when you load them, you can see them form into the final design. You can also turn off animation via a simple on/off value under Settings.

Check out these tuts:


Visme is free for all users; it takes just a few seconds to register and start creating your first project. Most features are free and other features, such as downloading projects for offline use, password protection, access to premium widgets and templates, are available for an affordable fees starting at $14/month when paid yearly (or $25/month when paid monthly).

visme pricing table

Visme’s paid options take you to the next level in graphic design.

Visit their pricing page and pick the option that works best for you.

I wish you happy designing!

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