Plan Your Life After 6 P.M.

Plan Your Life After 6 P.M.

plan your life after 6 pm imageHow many of you plan your life after 6p.m.?  I know for me, I often end up watching some mindless TV show, or worse, binge watching an entire season.  A few months ago I actually binge watched the entire 6 or 7 SEASONS of Longmire.  Longmire, REALLY???  I think it took me about a week; a week I’ll never get back.

I’m beginning to be a little lot more mindful about how my time is spent.  Hey, I just installed Rescue Time on all my devices to track how I’m spending my time – just need a second opinion – yeah, right, like I don’t really know already.

So, on my quest to spend my time more thoughtfully, I found a good post on The Mission.

Thomas Oppong, author of Do These Things After 6P.M. And Your Life Will Never Be The Same at The Mission, says:

How you spend the hours before you go to bed reflects the value you place on the most important things in life.

Using that time to pursue something meaningful to you will immensely improve not only your total well being, but sense of self worth.

He talks about the work/life balance and, something I really like, the 60/30 minutes rule, plus a whole lot more.

If you’re interested in ways to plan your life after 6p.m., go give it a read here.

If you’re interested in saving time on your social media platforms, check out this:


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  1. So good Bo!

    We owe it to ourselves to own all of our time and have a great plan to take advantage of it 🙂

  2. I try to spend and plan my time thoughtfully and meaningfully, though there are definitely days where I end up binge watching something on Netflix. I do plan in time for myself, time to spend working on my cross stitch projects or reading, something separate from work life and mom life that’s just for me to relax and recharge the brain cells.

    1. You sound like you’ve got your work/life balance well sorted out, unlike me…lol. I haven’t read a fictional book in years…always business/learning books. I am, however, definitely getting better at planning and separating life areas this year.

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