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optimize your imagesWith the majority of people using smartphones on the web, it’s more important than ever to optimize for mobile to provide a greater user experience for both visual and load time.

According to Lilach Bullock on Business2Community,

  • 64% of smartphone users expect your pages to load in less than 4 seconds
  • On the web, customers expect your website to load in less than 2 seconds
  • Website speed has a direct correlation to revenue; just one second more or less can hugely impact your sales
  • Website speed is an important element of SEO and search engines take it into account when determining their ranking. Even as an SEO beginner, there is plenty that you can do to optimize your images and improve your website speed.

Do you have your .png confused with .jpg, or maybe even .gif?  Wondering what the heck is the difference and does it matter which one I use? Maybe  you haven’t even optimized any of your images on your website.  Or, worse yet, have no idea how to optimize your images at all.  It’s really not that hard, and once you have an understanding of the whys and hows, you’ll be surprised how little time it takes.

I found a great article that Lilach Bullock wrote outlining 4 Tips To Optimize Your Images for Web and Mobile

It’s a great article to get you motivated to optimize for mobile user experience.

There are a number of ways to shrink your images, from online sites to plugins for your website.  A free online tool I have used is Tinypng.com  – it’s fairly straight forward.  A good wordpress plugin to use, and that you can also use to bulk optimize, is Short Pixel .  It has a fairly good free version that optimizes up to 100 images a month.  It also has a reasonably priced upgrade if you have a lot of pictures to do at once.




Website 26-Point SEO Checklist

By Bo Johnson / February 23, 2018


One of the best and necessary ways to help your new website get found and increase long term traffic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  A lot of the small steps are both fast and easy to do, and only need to be done once – such as verifying your site with Google and installing necessary plugins.

I found this very helpful SEO Checklist on Complete Digital Marketing Course.  It sets out a step by step course of action to follow.

The 26 point SEO Checklist covers:

  • technical SEO
  • keyword research
  • on-page SEO
  • Linkbuilding

Completing these most important SEO steps in the checklist ensures both your website and your posts are growing organic search results.

Check it out HERE.

If you’re ready to start kicking it with Social Media, check out this


Plan Your Life After 6 P.M.

By Bo Johnson / February 22, 2018
plan your life after 6 pm

plan your life after 6 pm imageHow many of you plan your life after 6p.m.?  I know for me, I often end up watching some mindless TV show, or worse, binge watching an entire season.  A few months ago I actually binge watched the entire 6 or 7 SEASONS of Longmire.  Longmire, REALLY???  I think it took me about a week; a week I’ll never get back.

I’m beginning to be a little lot more mindful about how my time is spent.  Hey, I just installed Rescue Time on all my devices to track how I’m spending my time – just need a second opinion – yeah, right, like I don’t really know already.

So, on my quest to spend my time more thoughtfully, I found a good post on The Mission.

Thomas Oppong, author of Do These Things After 6P.M. And Your Life Will Never Be The Same at The Mission, says:

How you spend the hours before you go to bed reflects the value you place on the most important things in life.

Using that time to pursue something meaningful to you will immensely improve not only your total well being, but sense of self worth.

He talks about the work/life balance and, something I really like, the 60/30 minutes rule, plus a whole lot more.

If you’re interested in ways to plan your life after 6p.m., go give it a read here.

If you’re interested in saving time on your social media platforms, check out this:


Content Marketing Strategies- Know How To Reach Your Clients

By Bo Johnson / February 21, 2018
know how to reach your clients

content marketing strategiesHow many different content marketing strategies do you use?  Do you have a plan to produce content in the best way for your audience?

How do your clients/customers/tribe want to hear from you.  Maybe they want webinars, or newsletters, or video, or audio podcasts.

They might be on social media all the time, or they might prefer to attend a VIP day, or an in -person workshop.  Wherever your tribe is, and however they want to hear from you, you need to have it all covered.

In a recent article at SmallBizTrends, author Larry Kim asks these questions :

Which pieces of content resonate best with users? Which are best for each stage of your funnel? Which content types generate not only the most, but the best quality leads for your business?

These are some important questions – and you need to know the answers.

He provided an interesting infographic that analyzes some popular content types.  Check it out here, and be sure to read the whole article at SmallBizTrends

If your content marketing strategy includes Social Media, get this  FREE Social Media Cheat Sheet  for more traffic.

4 Easy Steps To More Followers and Traffic

By Bo Johnson / February 20, 2018
4 steps to more followers

steps to more followers

Who isn’t always looking to find steps to more followers and greater traffic to their blogs and social media sites?  It can be a lot of work, OR,  it can be made easy – well, at least easier.  Sometimes you just need to get outside of your own circle.

I was just checking out a video tutorial on this very topic – steps to more followers and traffic by Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income – one of my favorite online marketers and a really nice guy.  Yes, I’m a huge fan of his and have been following him for years.  He has personally responded to emails and questions from me; although I’m not sure if he still does, as this was quite a few years ago.

Okay, reminiscing aside, back to the 4 easy steps to more follows that I found on Pat’s video.

I’ll give you a hint to his 4 step acronym.  It’s nuts.  That’s right, the acronym is N.U.T.S.  and it stands for a really interesting concept.  I’m not telling you any more, just watch the video – simple and brilliant.

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re going to try it, let me know in the comments below how it worked for you.

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Facebook Success Secrets


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