Here’s my personal evolving list of favorite products, tools and

resources that help me rock my business – in no particular order

Some resources are free/some are paid and, of course I’m an affiliate for them if they have an affiliate program.  I do appreciate anyone who buys through my affiliate link.  It costs you nothing extra, and helps me to continue to find useful products for everyone.  I do appreciate it.


LEADPAGESresources - leadpages – Love, love them for so many reasons.  One of the best (and yes, most expensive) programs I’ve used.  If you’re ready to have some serious help with building a list, creating sales pages to sell either your product or an affiliate one, this program kicks some serious ass.






resources - genesis imageGenesis-300x250GENESIS – This is by FAR my favorite word press theme framework.  They not only are super SEO friendly, offer great support, they also have tons of beautiful skins (child themes), and you can build out to make your custom site truly unique.






resources - wordpress-image

WORDPRESS – The best and most user-friendly CMS (content management system) for websites.  Period.  (Don’t confuse them with, which hosts your site on their own platform – they have a whole different set of rules.)  For obvious reasons, is becoming the most popular CMS.  Oh yeah, they’re also FREE!



NAMECHEAPresources - namecheap image – My current favorite for purchasing a domain name.  Cheap, simple.  Yes, yes, I know – everybody hears about GoDaddy.  Well, they used to be my go to, but they’re just getting so much into upsells if all you want is to register a domain name that they’ve pissed me off.  Too much work.  Much prefer Namecheap.




This is a fairly new kid on the block, and if you’re ready to take your emails to the next level, ConvertKit may be the answer.  It’s $29/mo for up to 1,000 subscribers, and while a little more expensive than Aweber, it really does a lot with landing pages, segmenting subscribers, resending to unopens, and a whole lot more.

ConvertKit is designed to make email marketing automation easy.

If you’d like a free video demo, CLICK HERE.





AWEBERresources - Aweber imageI’ve tried a few different email marketing providers, but find Aweber is the most user-friendly and has a ton of resources and templates to help you get up and running.  This is the one I used for quite a few years and still encourage clients to use if you just want a simple email automation system.  You also get to take it for a spin for a month for free.






AMEMBER PROresources - amember –  This is the shopping cart that I use and am learning to love.  I say that only because, while it works amazingly, it had a steep learning curve for me.  It handles all infoproducts, integrates well with Paypal (and lots of others also), Aweber – which I also use, and has a whole affiliate section so you can set up affiliates for your programs and products.  I have only had it for a couple of months, but it’s working great for me.


MEMBER SKILLSresources - amember software training – So here’s the program I bought by Kelly McCausey and Lynnette Chandler that includes a gazillion video tutorials to take you from ‘I have no idea’ to ‘Yep, I think I can do this’ with Amember Pro.  Honestly, it came recommended to me,  it shortened the learning curve dramatically and without it, I’d probably have left Amember Pro in its virtual box.




resources - Evernote image

Evernote – I’ve used a few different kinds of productivity tools over the years.  In fact, I had Evernote for a couple of years before I figured out how to use it.  Bit of a learning curve. You can even sync it with Outlook (I’m still working on that one, as I didn’t use Outlook – double learning curve for me).  Now I have notebooks set up, notes, shortcuts, the works.  Really loving it – especially that it syncs on all my devices and that I can easily clip anything on the web and save it in Evernote.  I’m still using the free version – works for me used to work for me.  Read the update below.

UPDATE:  One recent caveat – as of summer 2016 – you can now only use it on 2 devices for free.  Bummer!!!  I’m testing out which 2 I will use.  I may have to find a different tool.  This really has me pissed.  If you have something that works better for you, send me a message.

resources - hostpapa banner adhostpapa-banner-ad

hostpapa-banner-adHostpapa – I’m Canadian, so I like finding Canadian hosting companies,  especially with our ever-changing currency exchange between Canada and the U.S.  I’ve used this company personally for over 5 years, and have been happy with them so far.  If anyone finds a better Canadian company, I’d be happy to hear about it.

resources - PDFill ToolPDFFill PDF Tools – Here’s a great little pdf editor.  If you only have the free pdf readers on your computer, and don’t want to buy software to edit your pdf, this is the one.  I spent an entire morning looking for free software (online or download) that would let me merge two pdf files.  This is the one that worked seamlessly for me.  Download to your desktop.  Got it done, fast.





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