5 Top Instagram Hacks You Probably Don’t Know

5 Top Instagram Hacks You Probably Don’t Know

Top Instagram Haks

What are your top Instagram Hacks?  I’d love to know.

I’ll admit that Instagram is not my first choice for social media – but it is on my list to get more active on it.  But hey, you can’t do everything.

Today, I found a great video over at Mashable  that discusses top instagram hacks – or pro tips, as they called it.  Here’s the video:

Here are the highlights of their rollout.

5 Top Instagram Hacks:

  1. Swipe to find all your dm’s.
  2. How to change your activity status.
  3. How to unsend messages.
  4. Change the color of text into a rainbow gradient.
  5. How to mute people’s stories.

And here’s the 2  bonus tips:

  • Hide stories from specific people.
  • Turn on post notifications.

You can check out the details for these hacks in the video.  It’s under 5 minutes long.

If you’d like some Facebook hacks, click on the link below



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