Is Your Tribe on Pinterest – Probably

Is YOUR Tribe on Pinterest?  Is Pinterest even the right platform for your brand? Well, the answer is YES!  I’ll show you why.

You already know that social media marketing is a fact of life for successful businesses today. Customers and clients are using these online platforms to share their lives, catch up with friends and family, network for their business and more.

It’s important to have a company presence online, but keeping up with every networking site out there would be impossible.

There’s lot of buzz going around lately about how good Pinterest can be for business and for good reason, but how do you know if it’s worth the investment for your business?

Check out the information below for some insights as to whether Pinterest might be the right platform for your brand and how to find your tribe on Pinterest.

Research Your Audience

Some demographic research is necessary to find out where your clientele falls into the demographic of the Pinterest user. Research the latest information regarding who’s using Pinterest to get a feel of where your tribe on Pinterest is hanging out.

The vast majority of this platform’s users have always been female, with a median age of around 40, but this is changing, as more men are starting to use Pinterest’s search engine capabilities.   Thus, it makes sense to consider spending some time to find out exactly where the people you are trying to reach are at.  Spend some time in the trenches reviewing Pinterest demographics for further insights.

Decide How To Use Your Brand For Visual Content

The fact of the matter is that Pinterest is a search engine in which users pin the blog posts, articles and products that interest them and that they want others to find. People go to Pinterest to FIND (search for) SOMETHING !  All of these pins are graphically represented. Pins must be visually appealing if they’re to stand out among the crowd and get pinned. Therefore, it  makes sense to spend a lot of time and effort here if your business is one that can be represented well through graphics.

It is possible to create graphics that are related to your product or service even if you don’t have a large variety of photo-worthy content. People love quotes, and you could always produce lovely images to go with your posts if you have a blog.  Make sure they fall within the proper Pinterest sizes, which is always changing.  Currently, the square pin preference is 600X600 and the long pin image size is 600X900.

Creativity is necessary when it comes to using Pinterest, but not difficult – just use Canva, or PicMonkey, or a number of other image sites.  You can even do it in free sites like if you’re on a budget.   Just make sure to generate pin-worthy content on a regular basis.

Evaluate Your Resources

You do need to take inventory of your resources in order to make an informed assessment of whether a Pinterest marketing effort is a sound plan for your business.  Do you have the time yourself, or the ability to outsource to handle your business profile?

This means everything from deciding which things to pin, actually pinning them or scheduling pins into an automated program like Tailwind – which I LOVE, monitoring any comments and maintaining boards. This also includes your pin creation; which you can do yourself or outsource to a graphic designer to create stunning images for your boards. Thus, your budget will also be a factor into whether you want to take on a Pinterest campaign as part of your digital marketing plan.

Pinterest can be an incredibly successful platform for use with online marketing – since I’ve started using it sparingly a couple of months ago, I’ve seen good results.   As with the rest of your social media, you simply need to be strategic about its use.

If you have the time and image-heavy content material, your business can do very well utilizing Pinterest.

If you want some easy templates for Canva, complete with instructions – look no further than this Canva Tutorial by Stacey Myers.  It’s really reasonable, and will save you loads of time if you need reports or checklists.  Full disclosure, that’s my affiliate link to the tutorial, which I think you’ll find super useful.

I’d love to know if one of your pins goes viral!


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  1. For the longest time I didn’t really understand Pinterest, I was there as a user and stuff was getting pinned and shared from my websites, but it wasn’t all ‘clicking’ in my mind. Until one day someone said those magical words that you included here, Pinterest is a search engine. That really turned on the light bulb in my head and things finally started to make sense. I’ve been (slowly) working on creating new images and better descriptions the last month or two, and I’m seeing some nice results.

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