Need To Create A Simple Social Media Strategy?

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Trying to keep up with social media can end up chewing up all your time and going down a black, endless hole with no visible results.

What to do? How to measure results?

I just read an interesting take on creating a social media strategy over at Big Brand System, who says:

A seriously simple yet powerful way to create a social media strategy that gives you traffic and sales while helping you create content, connect with audiences, and create a community that loves what you do.

Need To Create A Simple Social Media Strategy? 1

They implement the CAKE system. C is for customer, but I’m not telling it all to you.  And yes, Starbucks is very good at it.

Read the entire post over at Big Brand System




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  1. Yes, a social media strategy is so important. I spend less than fifteen minutes a day, about three or four days a week, and this has brought me more business than I ever could have imagined.

    Connie Ragen Green

    1. Good to know it’s working for you with just a little bit of time. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement also since getting consistent.

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