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social mediaThe online world sure has changed. Where you used to only have to be concerned about filling your own website with content, now there are so many social media sites where your audience gathers. It’s easy to open a Facebook, Twitter or a Pinterest account, but keeping it full of useful content is a whole other matter. Using templates to keep track of everything is a great way to stay organized.

There are many social networks out there and where you decide to put your focus is completely up to you and that will be based on where your audience is most active, your personal preference and the results you want to achieve.

If you’re new to social media, choose one or two networks where your audience hangs out and start building a connection with them. Then expand your social media efforts as you go, or consider outsourcing to a VA to help you. You can share your templates with your social media manager or VA if they’re going to help you with your marketing.

Social media provides your business with a number of benefits including:

  •    Establish credibility with valuable, informative and helpful content
  •    Build a connection with your audience in a more casual and conversational environment
  •    Increase website traffic by sharing your content
  •   Build your list by sharing your free opt-in offers.
  •   Boost SEO – when others share your content, it boosts your search engine reputation.
  •  Learn valuable information to grow your business. You can observe your competitors, your audience and more.

Here’s a few ways to share and connect on social media:

• Share Lessons and Experiences – Social networking is about connecting. If you have something relevant to share with your readers, share it. Start conversations and get involved.

• Share Pictures, Audio and Video – Multimedia formats are available through many of the big social networks. Use these to your advantage.

• Share Information – Post interesting and relevant statistics, quotes, or headlines and start a conversation. When appropriate, link to your company website.

• Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website – Post a curiosity generating or attention grabbing headline and include a link to your website. Remember, your ultimate goal in all your marketing is to always grow your mailing list. A mailing list is something you own and makes it easy for you to communicate directly with your audience to serve them better with relevant offers – free or paid.

• Promote – Launching a new product?  Announce it via social networking sites. Offering a huge holiday discount?  Let people know, but use this approach with the other more relationship-building aspects of social networking. Nobody wants to follow you if you’re constantly pushing your products.

• Advertise – Many social networking sites also sell advertising space. Use the opportunities to your advantage in connecting with your existing audiences and building new ones.

Finding the best way to connect with your audience takes some time and the best way to figure it out is get out there and start posting. Pay attention to the analytics provided in your account dashboards, track your links and see what your followers are more interested in and provide more of that.

To make the most of your social media efforts, you need a plan of action.

This is your first step to developing a strong social media strategy that is in line with your business goals. Most people simply post to social media, without a real plan on how it will grow or enhance their business.

Use a checklist and brainstorm to create an effective social media plan.

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Step out Of Overwhelm!

Join other smart online entrepreneurs and get FREE access to my library of ebooks, worksheets & more. (I add to my library often)


It will help you identify the overall goals and plan of action for social media, work within your budget, develop your marketing materials, optimize your profiles and monitor your metrics.

Brainstorm to help develop your plan and then stay on track with a checklist. Write it down – and keep it handy as you execute your plan.

Decide What Social Media You Will Start With:

Hint:  Pick no more than 3 to start. Get good with them first.

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Google+

·         LinkedIn

·         Instagram

·         Snapchat

·         Pinterest

·         Facebook Live

Now when it comes to content ideas…

Use a calendar to plan your social media content ahead of time - so whenever you’re stuck for ideas, just pull it out and run with the daily idea.

Social Media Image and Post Guidelines:

Ever get confused about how long your posts can be and how large your images should be on each social network?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram?  Any idea?  I got so tired of Googling the images sizes each time I was getting an image ready that I created a guide.

So, I’ve got you covered on this one.  Here’s a handy visual guide for all your image sizes and posting lengths for different social media.

social media image sizes

Your guide to social media image sizes and post lengths is available in the free resource library.  Grab it from the box below.

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Step out Of Overwhelm!

Join other smart online entrepreneurs and get FREE access to my library of ebooks, worksheets & more. (I add to my library often)



Social Media Graphics and Quotes

social media images



You definitely need to have a handy source of images – maybe even quotes as well to share and create engaging content with your audience. What to use?  Where to find it?

Here’s a few image sites to get you started:


If you prefer, there are also some awesome sites for making social media images and quotes right in the software.  Some have a free option, some have a free trial - all of them have way more options with the paid version, but you can usually get the job done with the free version.

Here's a few:

Now for some quote sites:


I’ve just scratched the surface with these.  A search will bring up loads of both.

Hint:  Use an Excel sheet to list your favorite sites so they’re handy when you need them.

There, now you have plenty of ideas to help you set up your social media plan, master the various networks and even publish engaging content that our audience will love.







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