Social Media Management Comparisons – What Tool Do You Use?

Social-Media-Tools-Collage1Once you start to engage on multiple social networks, it becomes a bit trickier to keep track of it all. There are a vast, and always increasing, number of social media management or social media integration tools that can help you with this. We’re going to discuss 5 of the most popular ones.

Some things you might consider when choosing are:

  • cost
  • which mobile platforms are supported
  • which social networks you can use it with
  • the ability to schedule posts
  • monitor updates
  • and more

Let’s look at each in a bit more detail…


While this social media management software takes some time to learn, it’s an excellent way to improve your workflow when it comes to engaging on social media. You can get everything together under one roof, so to speak, and get more done on social media that’s effective than you can without it.Hootsuite

Being able to monitor multiple streams in one place, being able to put a team in place to help manage your social media are important parts of social media management that Hootsuite does well.

The ability to get reports via email allows you to study how your social media campaigns are working and is a great feature of Hootsuite. The ability to connect a lot of different social accounts and automate some of the process is amazing.

The ability to create tabs and organize your feeds the way you want makes Hootsuite valuable. Plus, being able to mark where you stopped reading is an important feature to note because you’ll avoid missing important messages that way.

Hootsuite is a comprehensive, time-saving, social media management app that you’d be wise to use. It’s inexpensive, and it really does help you keep your social media efforts organized while improving interaction and improving sales.


Their tagline is “amplify yourself” and they seek to give you the tools to do it. The app works on Android and iOS systems and does a lot more than just help you send a lot of content out to your followers. With the paid version, you can send unlimited content to all your networks immediately or through scheduling.EveryPost

If you need improved workflows so that you can get more done on social media this app may be the answer. It allows you to curate content, customize posts, collaborate, and schedule social posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and more. Keep in mind that like other apps like this while it does schedule the post for Instagram you’ll still have to push the post out using your mobile device in real time.

Content curation, social analytics, post customization, scheduling, publishing, and collaboration are all useful features for EveryPost. The content curation feature enables you to sift through content to pick and choose relevant items to share with your audience.

You can work alone or in teams with EveryPost. In addition, you can use the system on your mobile devices and your PC making it easy to switch between platforms and use everything the way you want to use it.

EveryPost offers native analytics and insights so that you can make sure that everything you’re doing is really working the way you want it to.

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This is a social media management app created for agencies and marketers. You can use it to manage all your important social networks including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.Buffer

This is a company that values openness and transparency. They are always seeking to improve their offering and make it easier for business owners to use social media for marketing.

Drive more conversions, get more engagement, and save time too. These are just a few of the benefits of using Buffer. Content box allows you to find content to share, and Buffer eliminates the copycat appearance of cross posted information by allowing you to customize each update on each platform as you schedule them.

They say you need to share most updates more than once on each social network but that would take a lot of work. With Buffer, you can automatically schedule your posts to go out randomly as many times per day as you want on any network.

You can use their social media calendar to look at your scheduled posts and to schedule more and get a better idea of what you need to send out to ensure that your social media campaigns work. Buffer has so many features that you really should use the free trial to discover all that it offers.

Social Clout

This social media management software is all about the ability to measure results. If you can’t measure something, then how do you know it works? They really understand that you want to get results from your campaigns and give you the tools to do it.

SocialClout, a campaign manager, offers the ability to monitor social media across multiple channels, improve engagement workflows, and increase marketing effectiveness using intuitive analytics that measure your competition.Social-Clout

Complete coverage of all social media channels that you use provides the best way to stay on top of social media. You can search keywords, use the social media engagement tool, see a lot of analytics including geography and demographics of your followers, and use the sentiment tool find out what your audience really thinks of you.

The ability to identify key influencers will enable you to increase your reach. In addition, you can’t ignore the lead generation ability of this social media management tool.

SocialClout is a rising contender in the social media arena. With prices from free to 99 dollars monthly, it is a “must consider” option. The free version is limited, though, so you may want to test it out using the starter plan to get an accurate picture of what it can do to help you improve campaigns.

Social Oomph

Formerly, “TweetLater” the company decided to focus on other social networks as well as Twitter. It works with most social networks including Plunk but not Instagram. One of the most inexpensive options for social management, it’s also very useful.Socialoomph

As one of the first social media management platforms it has its place. It’s a much simpler design than some of the other options but it still works and does what it says it does. If your budget is small, this is a good option for you.

Do you ever get an auto-follow back or an auto direct message? Well, you may not have known it was automatic but with Auto DM and Auto Follow, you can do just that. You can bet anytime you get a DM shortly after following someone that it’s sent automatically. Imagine the possibilities with that ability. You can send them a gift, or some information about you to help them get to know you better.

The simple interface without bells and whistles is what makes this platform special. At first, you might think it looks old fashioned, but the fewer bells and whistles the faster the system will work to help you improve your social media engagement.

You can’t beat the price considering all the things it does for you. Auto Tweets, Auto DMS, Auto Follow and more all add up to put your social media marketing on autopilot so that you can focus more on engagement.

Using the right social media management software can help you automate part of social media so that you can spend more time truly engaging with your audience. Automate the things that aren’t engaging but never automate engagement. Keep that real.

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