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video marketingPre-recorded streaming video is still huge and increasingly important to your marketing strategy.  If you aren’t doing it yet, you want to start NOW.  While there are a growing number of services to choose from, we’ll discuss video giant YouTube, but also introduce you to streaming services like Vimeo, Daily Motion and Ustream.

You can use these sites to have informational or promotional videos –  whatever you need for your business. And for all of these, you can embed the videos into your own site, so you can use them on your sales pages, blogs and more.


With almost a billion (yes, a billion) unique visits to YouTube every single month, YouTube is a place you want to be. In addition to offering live video options, YouTube videos often rank well in Google. YouTube also offers powerful editing and enhancement features, making you look like a professional videographer.YouTube

If you have videos with large amounts of views, they also have powerful monetization features as well.


Vimeo is a video sharing site with live streaming options, which began in 2004. They offer:

  • pay-per-view
  • live event recording
  • video-on-demand
  • embed on your site without ads, along with professional security.

Often a business wants to host videos that do not have advertising on them. This is a great way to do it. Since you can embed live streaming and recorded videos on your own website and in other places without having to include ads it stands out from YouTube in that way. Streaming Video Platform Comparison 1

Unlike YouTube, to get the good features you’ll need to upgrade your account. However, it’s not that expensive considering what you get. Unlimited bandwidth, priority conversion, advanced privacy, awesome stats, and priority support are all valuable when you upgrade. Not to mention the ability to get a customized video player and include a custom outro.

Due to the professional atmosphere, you’re going to find a whole new level of competition on Vimeo. It’s a community of professionals. The people who use Vimeo and watch Vimeo streaming are much more responsive and enthusiastic.

If you want to enhance your streaming experience for your audience, consider trying the free version of Vimeo to see how it works.

Daily Motion

With a simple user interface, Daily Motion is a great place to share your live streaming and recorded videos. You can stream live for an hour, and it saves your live videos as recordings automatically. Based in France, the company wants to show how awesome humans are by sharing uplifting and remarkable stories. Some people say it’s a darker version of YouTube due to more risky content being allowed.Daily-Motion

They attract more than 300 million global users and people watch more than 3 million videos on their player each month.

Monetization is simple with DailyMotion than some of the other options. You can monetize in three ways – paid content, advertisements, and in-video ads. If you’re earning from your videos on YouTube, it’s likely you can also earn on DailyMotion.

It’s easy to find the people you want to follow on DailyMotion, you can just go to, /stream on the site and you’ll be able to open a search window and type in the username of the person you want to watch. This means people can find you too.

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This professional option can seem pricey but it’s fully packed with features that others aren’t. You can use their Producer software to add graphics, interview guests, and much more to every single broadcast. It’s a professional experience that is worth every penny.

With more than 10 million people watching Ustream Live Streaming that tells you that your audience is probably there. If you are ready to create uber-professional live streaming shows, then you want to look at the tools that Ustream offers publishers. Brands can connect with their audience, and interact directly with people on the screen live bringing engagement to a whole new level.Ustream1

Features include:

  • live playlists
  • social stream moderation
  • player resizing
  • RSS feeds for video
  • social tabs
  • the ability to send to YouTube
  • the native producer app that enables you to edit your videos and produce live videos easily from your dashboard

Ustream is a global, reliable, engaging, and helpful platform that enables you to go live to the world, or to whom you choose. The monetization features are amazing too. Even though it’s rather expensive to get started with Ustream, if you already have an audience, you should take advantage of this platform.

Streaming video is hot. As the technology improves, it’s going to become more imperative that you get involved with streaming video and these tools will help you create and share awesome content with your audience.

Get Access To The Streaming Video Comparison List



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