YouTube Basics – How To Make A YouTube Channel

how to make a youtube channelWith videos becoming such a strong marketing tool, learning how to make a YouTube channel is a great start to your video marketing program.  Whether you want to make your own videos, or just collect and subscribe to existing channels, you’ll need an organized place to store them.

I’ve done a short and basic video that shows you how to make a YouTube channel, which covers:

  • the YouTube home page
  • profile and notifications
  • settings (including privacy and playback settings)
  • menu tab
  • how to find trends
  • history
  • watch later
  • library
  • playlists
  • browse channels
  • managing subscriptions
  • and more

If you’re ready to finally get YouTube smart – and you should be, check out this intro video.  You’ll be able to further define your brand and set yourself apart from the crowd with your own Channel and videos.


Grab it now – stop letting social media be a time suck!

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