Video Marketing – 8 Ways To Rock It

Video Marketing – 8 Ways To Rock It

video marketingYou know video marketing is hot right now, right? If you’re not using it in your marketing strategy, now is the time to start.

I found a great article at Entrepreneur that outlines the how and why of videos.

According to author, Alexander Rauser:

the opportunities in video are growing …… Noticed how video has blown up on Facebook? Don’t get left behind!

The post has a great discussion on both why you should use video, and how. Here’s the condensed version.

3 Great Reasons to Use Video:

  1. Video is powerful
  2. Video is personable
  3. Video is accessible


Use video if you are looking to:

  • increase the performance of your online ads
  • to drive brand awareness for your business or product
  • increase foot traffic to your retail location
  • increase social media engagement with your followers
  • increase organic search results for your local business

Alexander Rauser goes on to give an in-depth guide to video marketing.

His main points to consider when establishing a video marketing strategy include:
Establish your goals
Identify your content requirements
Explore all opportunities
Build campaign rules
Understanding your channels
Measure success

To read the entire article, check it out at: Entrepreneur


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